Helpless Children

Every time a child decides to cry

There's a story behind their broken eyes

And when people are cruel to them, I'll never know why

Theri mommies and daddies raised them up

Spoon-fed by sugar coated lies,

Like the fake love is what a child wants

Or something, a prey that a lion hunts 

Or something quote on quote "just blunt"

When they're on the battlefield, they put on a front

It's like it's a stage of life

There's a main character full of strife

He's been stabbed by this utter metaphorcial knife

And no one in the world knows how to define

Why in the world children scream and whine

Naughty parents just want to put the blame

On the silhouette toy soilders blocking their way

Not a single one will ever have the balls to say 

It was their fault, 'cause, boy, that'd be the day

Everyone would stop being a mouse, be a girl

I don't know why people won't just give it a whirl

Instead, they say it would make their brain swirl

What the heck, saying it's an ice cream cone

And look at them in that way, in that tone?

How many of you are bad to the bone?

"None!, " I scream in the megaphone

Don't even get me started on porn!

Them little naked babies hearts are all bruised, torn,

Like an old pair of socks, not their first day born

No, I think the worst things

Is when a family put down their rings

Arguing, drinking, drugs, cutting, no singing

Whenever parents leave, the children's voices ringing

Like a wind chime in the breezes,

But now the wind will just do as it pleases

Not grabbing a tissue for those sniffles and sneezes,

Cough medicing for those, "Help me" wheezes

Children run away from their problems, be like them,

So it's too bad moms and dads are like phlegm,

An infection ruining thier gems

"This isn't a perfect life of the Sims,

Where they walk peacefully around

This is Grand Theft Auto, so just

Raise your hands up and go to the ground"

They say to them bound, 

Tied in a ribbon, in a knot,

Wishing they would've early on fought 

The way these scholars taught

Which, if they want to survive, they ought

Unless they want to sing the forever blues,

Taken away, flushed down the loo

No one would cry, or even say "Boo",

Even though they were once children, too

I wish that one of the parents would stub their toe

So that regret can take over them and he

Ors she will see they are a foe

To a child or children full of woe

Maybe they'd even tell the other one, "No! No!

I won't let them go!"

Another awful thing that's very cruel 

Is that mothers drown their own kids in pools

Then chop them up like they're made of wool

And, to be honest, it's very cruel

I wish that people would decide to change

Why no one's stepped up is very strange

It's like they need to stay in their own lane

People really need to be potty-trained

To be honest, there's so much more

Waiting for these children, innocent, that's in store

As I look around me, I could've swore

They walk around, head hung low, in old clothes

Mom and Dad forced them to wore

No, not anymore, please, not anymore!

Every time a child decides to cry

There's a story behind their broken eyes

And when people are cruel to them, I'll never know why

They leave them and ignore their cries of,

"Why, oh why, did you want me to die?"


This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world


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