Burn in Hell - Sara's Revenge

I dreamed and schemed through all of my life,
On how to end this miserable strife.
You caused my life to be sheer terror,
But you were twisted, and that became your error.

You kept me bound in chains and rope,
While you and your man took trips on dope.
I suffered daily, those rapes and pain,
But it was your life that was going down the drain.

Never once did I give up on my only dream,
Although you were winning, or so it did seem.
Then along came my savior, an angel by my side,
He found where I was hiding, and he gave me a ride.

We watched you from his home, the one on wheels,
We watched as you were making all of those deals.
We watched you go back to Winslow, looking for me,
We watched your luck run out; finding Sara just wasn’t to be.

Then I had a vision in the dark of the night,
That the darkness soon would become very bright.
I heard a loud noise, it sounded brash.
It was, in fact, a fiery crash.

You lived your life quite selfishly,
But I’d like to think you died for me.
I prophesized you would ‘Burn in Hell,’
And now that it’s done,
I am Free! I am Free! I am Free! And All Is Well!

Copyright 2016, R. E. DeVan / DeVan Family Enterprises


Ric DeVan

This poem is from a book I'm writing, a novel, fiction, based on fact.  The poem is

actually a brief synopsis of the novel. Sara is nine years old, a victim of child

abuse and rape by her druggie mother and her mother's boyfriend. I wrote this poem. My

nine-year old niece wrote most of the poems in the book.

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