The Sandman

A child's terrified eyes sees the world for the violent drunk it is
One is not born immune to the immersive experience
Of domination, damnation,
Filthy bodies and even filthier minds.
People play as pets seeking a release,
Drugs become even more mainstream.
Mr. Boogeyman has evolved into the discomfort of intuition.
The helplessness of growing awareness,
Your life is meaningless because
Corruption justifies your class because
Capitalism is a caste not built upon God,
But a false prophet sounding the alarms.
Advertisements are propaganda,
And sex is a commodity.
Freedom lies with rebellions
That swing like a pendulum as the lower class climbs and is replaced,
Your life is a cycle of attempting to gain,
No one seems to panic,
Despite how nothing is certain.
A child alone,
Cannot have the insight to comprehend,
Spare the rod and
Beat your children
It is better to learn that
Life is inherently not fair
Than let hope build,
Families see no need to stay together,
Mistresses become second wives,
The Earth is in decay.
Smoking comes back into fashion because kids don't expect to live past 25 and a day,
Because their parents decided it would be best
To expose them to the power of dissociation.
It is difficult to fear the dark
When wolves are all dressed as non-passing sheep,
And barely literate moguls become the temple
Of what is standard.
The Sandman is a welcome friend,
He who brings peace,
The luxury to check out,
A nightly subscription of death,
With sympathy for the children,
Who cannot sleep,
The world is in distress,
With their past, present, and future

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Our world
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