Why Does Hurt Hurt So Bad?

First I must ask, who has the right to hurt others?
I was born July 6th 1995
That is where my pain began
Up and Down
Left and Right
It came from all directions
My Mother addicted to drugs chose them over me
My life began to turn to hell
I didn't know where to turn
I asked for help
But can the hurt help the damaged?
I reached out to my Brother
He reached back
But to HURT not to help
He abused me daily
he told me it was love
so in him I bestowed my first piece of trust
but life continued
I was adopted
but when you hurt so bad who do you trust?
My life moved on
I met my first love
But what kind of love could I share?
I tried my best
but found I was sharing the wrong kind of love
Sex is NOT love
My brother lied
I have lost again
Now who do I trust, those who say they are there to help?
or do I stick to myself
the one who I have my only trust left in, myself?
Who has the right to hurt me?
Why does it hurt so bad?
Who lets it hurt so bad?

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