Save Me


United States
29° 6' 56.8368" N, 82° 6' 21.8448" W

Look in a mirror and see a monster

The hate inside, fighting to take control

In school they don’t see, at least not really

They see a person not a monster

I see so much of him inside of me

Try to fight it, but I’m losing ground fast.

So scared of being like him, of losing myself

Of being more and more like him, less and less

Like me, losing what makes me, me. Please, help me

I feel as though I’m lost, losing control.

I’m drowning inside where no one can see.

Will someone see I’m struggling to stay at the

Surface? That I’m fighting to stay me? And

for every breath I take I lose a step.

They don't hear me, shouting, begging for help

My voice is lost in the shuffle,

I scream for help, for someone to save me

No one hears, No one cares.

As I lay on the floor, I cry, knowing

I'll never be saved. I'll die from the hate.


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