Unto Heaven


Soft sobs filled the air, so quite the girl cried

A tiny child huddled into the corner

Cuts and bruises littered her thin body

Bruises the shape of hands, cuts made from nails


“Hello, my child”

The softest of voices speak, sweeter than any melody

A beautiful man, if such a savoir could be a man,

Knelt in front of the wounded and scared girl


“Who are you sir?”

Hoarse words answer, as the child moves towards him,

For fear could not be found within her heart.

This person, she knew, would save her from this hell.


“I am someone in love with you.”

With this he reached for the face of the child in pain

And the love he showed destroyed the aches of her body.

“Would you like to come with me?”


Tears fell from the angel before him who appeared broken

The lips which had only screamed, turned up in smile

She appeared beautiful, more so than any others

“Please. Please take me with you, sir.”


And she left her broken and wounded body

And he held her tiny hand in his strong fingers

And they walked together into the gates of heaven

And the girl found love for the first time.


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