Never Forgotten


I will never forget the girl with the round glasses. 
I sat next to her in all my classes. 
I saw the blue black bruises on her skin. 
She was in a constant fight and could never win.
Ms. Harper asked her as we sat in our chairs. 
We held our breath and
she said that she had just tripped down the stairs.
When I heard that I knew something was wrong,
but she held back her feelings; she was strong.
Some days she just wouldn’t show at school. 
Whoever was doing this to her was inhumanly cruel. 
It was a long week when she did not return,
missed knowledge, missed lessons for the girl to learn,
The next morning as I lay in my bed,A weird thought popped into the back of my head.
The thought ran on and on. 
Where had the girl with the round glasses gone?
As I got to class that morning,
What soon followed came without warning. 
There was a melancholy look on Ms. Harper’s face.
I thought school was a happy place.
The news about the young girl’s death
Made me wonder about her last breaths. 
Parents who should protect and defend,
Were the ones that brought her life to an end.
The sound of cries filled the air.
An innocent child neglected, given no care. 
At her funeral I began to cry.
But then I realized there was no reason why.
The young girl who once sat next to me
Had no more pain, she was finally free.To this day tears still fall from my eyes,
As I look for her spirit, high up in the skies.
I will never forget the girl with the round glasses
Who sat next to me in all of my classes.
The girl whose life was short and sad
has never been forgotten and that makes me glad.


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