Angel baby

My name is **** and im 1 years old,
Today i tell the saddest story told,

My nappy is bursting wrapped around dirty skin,
Im an unhappy baby malnourished and thin,

Tossing and turning alone all the time,
Can't even sit up cant even climb,

My belly is aching my mouth is dry,
You know i need food but you don't even try,

No physical contact unless its a blow,
You hide all my bruises no one else can know,

I sit and watch my mum and dad,
I feel so alone and kind of sad,

No hugs no kisses no affection from you,
A sad lonely baby beaten black and blue,

I learnt not to cry but suffer in silence,
I take all you give im used to the violence,

I grow a little older not knowing what i did wrong,
Never felt the comfort of a mothers song,

Sometimes you leave me i feel you'll never come back,
But you come home so angry its me you attack,

Today i cried my final tears,
My life stopped has did my fears,

You screamed in my face to silent my cries,
But what happened next came a surprise,

You struck me for the very last time i see the light ahead,
To you i was nothing i was always better of dead,

Now im a rainbow baby and have more than one mum and dad,
I get plenty of love in heaven i no longer have to be sad,.

©Cheryl scott

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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