What Negativity Produces; Depression

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What negativity produces;
How far can these people go?
Do they know they don’t have to suffer?
At least for ever…

Why are you bullying those people?
Don’t you know they’re just like us?
How about I step on you…will we call that good?

Mom dad why do you yell at me?
I am only a child.
I am only a person.
Like you.

You know you make me feel bad.
You make me feel sad.
Am I really what you think I am?
Why am I here then?

Your negativity,
Leads me to other places.
Your stupid face.
I’m so black and blue because of…

Every hit and stab…
Word and curse…
It eats me alive
How can I survive?

All of this
Leads me to other races.
Now violence and drugs;
These new races…
I see a different face.
My face but distant.
No connection;
Upset and irritated.
This is not my place.

If I could go home to you arms I would not.
You kick me out and change the locks.
What did I do?
I thought for myself?
How dare you…
I feel I never belonged to you.

How can I speak the truth?
When I talk…
About anything…
You cause a scene.
Don’t through my belongings around.
What? Do you feel proud now?

These hurt people.
Thinking they should get away;
Don’t think very well…
And instead make a plan.
A plan to escape it all.
It is permanent.
Make a date.
Make a time.

Make a way.
To say good bye.
Maybe then… their parents will miss them.
Maybe then… that death will kiss them.

I don’t understand your plan.
Why do you want to go?
Please let me save you.
What do you have to lose now?
I will show you the world;
The right way.
Don’t be afraid.
Not everyone is the same.

Peace love, happiness.
It is here in this world.
You have to find it and hold it.
To stay strong.
You see dear,
Negativity produces some things…



Writing this i realized it is based off memories. I wrote this for the scholarship from scholarships.com.

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