Save Her

Brought into the world so innocent and pure,
About to be exposed to so much more.
Hurt and confusion consume her life.
What was she to him, a child, a wife?
Oh no, she is bad. It’s the only way,
A man would treat his daughter this way.
The pain and the shame continue to grow.
There are the razors, all lined in a row.
Maybe he’s right, this is all okay.
It’s normal in families to act this way.
Maybe it’s not, and her feelings are right,
She stands her ground and puts up a fight.
He doesn’t care if she cannot bare,
The pain he inflicts, but how could he dare?
She yells for help, but no one can hear.
Poor little girl so stricken with fear.
When he has finished, he laughs and he blames.
She deserves this, humiliation and pain.
There are the razors all lined in a row,
All that will help her hurt and sorrow.



I wrote this for a poetry contest a while ago. 

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