mommy dearest


bipolar love, 
one hug, 
then a shove, 
insults fly, 
she doesn't care if you cry, 
til now I never asked why, 
why she's all about her, 
happy times now a blur, 
mommy dearest, 
full of commands, 
bet have everything quickly in her hands, 
no wonder she couldn't keep a man, 
things thrown, 
yelling lies, 
she didn't even try, 
her love rationed, 
I was always last, 
had to grow up too fast, 
abused emotionally, 
I hid it well, 
let know one really see me, 
18 and terrified of the one I call mom, 
can't leave, 
her guilt trips strong, 
no matter how hard I try to move along, 
things I believe, 
will I ever leave, 



Be who you are, not what others expect you to be. Whether that is with her or not, she'll still want you in the end.

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