'Mommy' and 'Daddy'

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 23:42 -- KMillan


United States
36° 10' 10.956" N, 115° 7' 25.302" W

A baby boy is born into a thriving city
A growing mind filled with ambition to learn...
But he's filled with neglect and abuse

A sweet innocent baby grows into a curious toddler and yet..
He does not understand why 'mommy' hates him so
Why 'daddy' leaves burning marks on his arms and legs
Why this hatred is put upon him
Has it been his fault all this time?

'Daddy' comes home drunk and tipsy
'Mommy' hides in the closet as still as stone
He runs into his room and hides under his bed
Praying and hoping 'Daddy' does not find him

Screams echo throughout the shady house
As 'mommy' yells and cries, but her screams are not answered
He covers his ears as he bites his tongue
To stop the incoming wails and tears overflowing

Baby sweet and innocent with curiosity in his eyes
Deceived by reality and abuse
Has it been his fault all this time?


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