Cuts on Me - Part 1 Inspired by Michelle Obama, Women’s Conference Pennsylvania Oct 2017

I’ve always worn sweaters in the summertime

No matter if cloudy or skies full of shine

Sweating down my back, I smiled like I knew it

Was cool. Walking alleys, crossing streets, Neutral, just to get through it.

Some summers before, when I was still a girl

I only got kind waves when I passed by

But when bodies start changing shape

Men start silly grinning and bold approaching,

Wanting more than a simple ‘Hi’. I wondered, Why?

I wondered what I did wrong, when was the day

That I stopped being momma’s little girl

And started being prey? I lost something learning that that’s how it goes

With innocence gone and blood flows.


The man across the street said: ‘Watch my house.’

And I didn’t know better, you see, I was kind.

I played with his twin girls occasionally

So, to wait for them at his house that day? No, I didn’t mind.

I remember feeling dizzy, spinning, in a scary dream

This grown drunk man trying to kiss me, not even thirteen?


(to be continued...)

-jessvaughnwrites dot com

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My community
My country
Our world
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