Fairy tale

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I know certain people only have a certain time with each other,​But even some are meant to last forever.​I do not know when exactly our story will terminate,​But I want you to know how much you made me great.
Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, There was a beautiful tiger princess. And every prince from near and far Tried their best to win her heart.   The tiger princess was kind and good,
Today’s society is a modern fairy tale. We become Cinderella’s step-sisters, trying to force our feet into the mold that’s been given to us no matter how cramped it is.
Fairy Tale Fail  
When I was small I would believe That Fairies surrounded me And protected me From the bad But when I grew My fairies turned to dew And formed my tears And leaked to the ground
The clock can’t strike thirteen. Midnight’s chimes are the last call. Cinderella hears the tolling and runs Fleeing Leaving The prince on the dance floor With only a memory
Hair as black as night so it blends in woth the smoke of her home villiage Skin as white as snow reflecting the moonlight like a mirror Lips as red as blood er- red with blood
Once upon a time?Was there ever such a time?Where princesses were capturedAnd objects came to life?
Once upon a time, You met a Friend Who wedged himself into your life The longer you know him, the easier it is to pretend That you met normally, and not with a knife.   It was a cold and snowy morning
Hello I’m Drizella I’m going to marry a fella Royal and tall He’ll catch me when I fall during the waltz and the tango   Wrapped in a bow
Pressure on her body dark and blue Fins flap, scaly tail All she wanted to do was breathe air From the surface Where the sun shone bright.  
Once upon a time, in a faraway land a prince asked a fair maiden for her hand the girl was confused, because you should know they had only known each other for an hour or so.    
She had one job. One simple job. She must've went back for the basket. ... And her Fitbit. Kids these days.   Steps don't count themselves, You know. If you don't get 10,000
The Chinese flag, deserted on the ground,             Bodies littered, blood seeping into the earth, And with no innocent life to be found,             Lay the cities, without a single warm hearth,
On a quite curious day, certain events were set into motion. Seven young men sailed out on the ocean. And to their dismay A beautiful, cursed maiden joined on the way.   Every man entranced by her beauty
Once, long ago, (think back, if you will) Stood a beautiful palace on top of a hill; And under that palace, a kingdom that’s not
Once upon a time used to begin old fairy tales, In a land far far away set the scene, But today the advancement in technology never fails, To begin a love story from a meme.   
There was once a princess in a far away land Who was offering up her marriage hand However all the princes that had come a calling Found her behavior gross and appalling  
Once upon a time, A lovely miller’s daughter Was a victim of the boasts of her father. While he was feeling bold, He told the king she could spin straw into gold!
The brother and sister ride silently in the car They are used to this Being taken somewhere and then left behind   The boy throws his gummy snacks out the window
Finally I come home from work With my 6 obnoxious companions But what is this I see? My bed is made My home is clean Oh goodness, we've been robbed What a wonderful way to be greeted
In the Sherwood forest where the birds sweetly sing, Flowers are blooming in the morning of spring, Pulled sword from the stone, I was given the throne, I am Arthur, the once and future king.
About 3 months ago, there was a depressed girl in college.  She was depressed because her mother was dead and her father was a drug kingpin with a different chick.
Tick, tick, tick, It's time to go to school to learn how to be quick. Tick, tick, tick, A grown-up Peter can't afford to not be a cynic.   No more daydreaming and pondering,
Many stories start with once upon a time but who is to say they only happen once?   Throughout a thousand different lives, a cunning young man,
A boy of eight was I on that fateful day, When sweet sounds of music drew children near. Joy filled our souls as the piper did play. Across the wild lands we passed with no fear.  
Toiling the days away behind a desk Cashiering away for the tourists. A typical tedious tuesday until... A man, short and troll-esque,
once upon a time  our lives were intertwined the right way the love we had so sticky sweet rich like batido de mamay* flower garlands  lockets  locked hands
  Skulking in the mid of night A viridescent spirit leads in flight- His servant following suit Cloaked in a flaxen complimentary soot  
Once upon a time there lived an evil Queen. Patience wasn’t one of her strong suits. Quizzing her subjects on random topics and riddles was one of her favorite forms of torture.
Once upon a time,I touched a spindle.It was the worst decision of my life.My godmothers put me to bed.They begin to argue,Like always.I lay there hearing every word.I try to open my eyes. 
We all know the tale of the pied piper’s play He tooted his flute to take rats away The village was glad But soon to be sad When he took all their children when they didn’t pay  
Once upon a time There was a little kitten Who was very different From the others in her litter   She was born in a barn
Little Red and the Wolf Once upon a time somewhere far, far in the woods there lived a little Girl in Red who was raised to be "good".   How good? Very good.
Once upon a time I tried to kill my daughter, I know, I’ve read every story I’ve seen how it goes   “The evil queen with an envy filled heart Would try to kill Snow White without even a start.”  
And they lived happily ever after.   Fairy tales live on in our memories  As a happy story, life, and ending They've been watching us for years on end, Watching us grow, change, and leave
Soft lips, Soft hair. Gentle eyes, Gentle stare. The tug of his smiles, which I saw only few; The drips down my face now common as morning dew. I long for one's fingertips to brush my own,
She was a girl of only seventeen And knew her way around a sewing machine. Marriage wasn't on her radar But one day he found her. Now she has to file joint taxes.
Once upon a time, there was a little Italian man named Pine who was precisely one of Santa's elf in his workshop.
There once was a mother--That is, soon to be.Her cravings consumed her,But some weren't cheap.  
Once upon a time there lived a kind, charming merman named Ariello whose mother was Queen Tritina, ruler of the sea Ariello was fascinated with humans and longed to live on land
And they lived happily ever after Or at least that’s what they wanted us to believe You grow up and realize that doesn’t exist Cinderella was a fraud Made us believe we’d find that one prince
Once upon a time I was the outcast village girl,I danced through my days with a twirl,I walked through the market with my nose in a book,Maybe I'd have noticed the real world if only I'd taken a look.
The queen had decided for the day, That she and Snow White would go out to play. Out to the forest where they could explore, For young Snow White had never ventured there before.
Petite fish in the sea, little mermaid so lonely, wallows in watery ennui.   Enough's enough and life is tough. little mermaid suck it up. devil says, here's my choice.
Corrupt daughters of remarried stepmother In servitude place our poor Cinderella No ball, they intend, until pigeons come hither Dress Cindy up to catch the eye of a fella
"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" "No, I don't want to! Why are you there?" "To save you, my princess, from horrible demise." "Please don't look at me with those eyes!" "Why not, m'lady? I truly do care."
Oh how I dream to be inanimate To have chains that bind my soul To disappear and become an object that amuses The masses and crowds that adore me   How could one do this you may ask?
There once was an Emperor with a very short temper who focused his attention on clothes. As his closet did grow, it seemed as though he cared not of the council he imposed.
drip             drop                         drip                                     drop                         sweet             dreams little             princess.
My heart was thunder in my chest Upon my shoulders A mountain pressed  My shredded dress Blew in the wind She took my hand, The sorceress. Time froze like ice Her cool blue eyes
Pretty little girl With a basket full of fruit.  Her mouth may smile,  But her eyes reveal the truth.    Says she's off to see her aunt,  But that's not her real plan- She has a secret hidden
eyes yearning for the horizon line flippers longing to touch the sand both dying to be where the other one is   family pulling her from the shore family pulling her deeper below they don't understand
        Once Upon a Time…                         The only son of a King and his Queen was cursed,                         His fate sealed by the cruel hand of a dark fairy.
The power of poetry is so brilliant and true The power of poetry is surely you The power of poetry is in true love's first kiss The power of poetry is when a Prince rescues his Queen
The classic fairy tale of Princess Aurora is known by all How she pricked her finger and had a tragic fall Into a slumber so deep and so long That only true love's kiss could correct the wrong  
Golden hair miles wide Inside the tower she would hide A maiden oh so fair Such beautiful flowing hair   Far and wide  Princes ride On a quest To steal the heart of the tower's princess
“Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!” Rapunzel cringed inward and sighed with despair. Her hair ladder was good for one thing indeed, For seeing her prince, she did desperately need.  
Aurora's story was twisted in her mind she hid every truth, kept the audience blind because her realest issue was not witches or balls but a serious addiction to strong alcohol  As a child her mind wandered
She is the fairest of them all Her ruby red lips spew seduction And men fall   Snowy skin frosted with innocent sin It screams to be marred
Whether you were told I was stolen or given my story was shared.  The ending never right,  but nobody cared.  Here's what happened, so pay attention.  To this day I'm still unsure
Once upon a time, there was a bird who spoke of love My nightingale believed in love, this magic she spoke of Knowledge and philosophy is my true power
Once upon a time, or once upon a rhyme, there was a girl in a shining tower. Locked up all alone, a truly terrible home, controlled by a witch's power. When out of the blue there came a prince,
    Snow White  
Why do we have hearts? What are they needed for? Why do we have hearts? For people to tear them apart;  a piece for the family,  a piece for the friends. The last one to my love,
Why do we have hearts? What are they needed for? Why do we have hearts? For people to tear them apart;  a piece for the family,  a piece for the friends. The last one to my love,
Rapunzel rolled her eyes and brushed her hair Annoyed by the chants that she was 'his type', wonderful, and fair. She wasn't a fool for alluring words made to flatter,
Rapunzel: Prince, Prince, let down your beard to me I've never been kissed by someone so hairy My mom is on me to find a man to love I was trespassing and saw your stubble above
happily ever after, sweet trinity of utterance evidence of dreaming, of love, of laughter an ending satisfactory, yet my tale tells a difference  
oh, the wild winds wail the moon howls and the air stills what does a father do when his youngest asks for a flower?   the father comes across on his return trip home
One night as a princess was going to bed, her mother, the queen, came to her and said, "I told you to balance your diet. Now PLEASE, stop your complaining and swallow these peas."
Clocks are ticking Church bells ringing  Another book has ended, A new one just begun. A fairy tale is just a story That's told from just one side   A happy ending for the heroes,
Once upon a dream.. If  you are like most children, you thought of the magical storyline beginning. A poet somewhere might see it as the start of a somber memory..
Once upon a time there was a Red Hen and her three friends  whose lazy behavior lead to their gruesome end. "Who well help me make corn bread" said the hen "Not I" The Cat, Dog and Goose
she was wearing her favorite dress that day, the one with all the colors. it shimmered and danced in the light as she twirled with glee. fresh flowers framed her lovely face,
How can I say a story that's untold? You have heard the twisted lines from the queen Beware of events that will soon unfold Because now my patience begins to ween She is my daughter but claimed by the king
I heard the sweetest melody From way high up in the clouds. A girl with golden hair appeared   Her braids were thick and heavy as rope;
Ill be your snow white in eternal sleep You think you can save me because you love me deep But my soul is as black as rumplestilkens heart I'm no one you can love true love is only a part of a fairy tale start
Hard working father, scraping by, stares at the photo he keeps in his box Soon as it hits 5, he’s off the clock
Her lover enters through a little hole pierced in the crutch of her arm and when her lover enters her tongue fashions  coarse whispers.   Her lover calls to her and she pierces holes
Her lover enters through a little hole pierced in the crutch of her arm and when her lover enters her tongue fashions  coarse whispers.   Her lover calls to her and she pierces holes
(It was very popular throughout history to use stepmothers as an antagonist and never as a helpful character for many stories, which I feel gives stepmothers’ a bad rap.
they had always assumed the truth had been that the dragon loomed by the princess to doom the young men who attempted to save her; to keep her entombed; the dragon behooved to trap her within the walls.
a day a month a year thats how long they've known each other  it started in deep winter  it was still an adventure  they never spoke about the future  they never spoke about the kids
The ship rocks gently               in the night.               The sky is painfully clear-                             stardust and moonlight throwing out
Why must there always be a damsel in distress? Waiting in her elegant dress, the Princess waits for Prince Charming to arrive,  So that he can rescue her from her tragic backstory and together forever thrive.
Once upon a time Lived a little mermaid, called Ariel, who commited a crime After becoming infatuated with a land-bound man She seeked out an exiled sorceress, and of her evil magic, she became a fan
He had nothing but a fistful of hope Hope sewn in the dirt, watered by his mother’s tears Hope. It would give them everything or nothing.
In Baconville, USA resided three karate masters. Extraordinary pigs named Billy, Blanco, and Baxter.  One more tournament, one more fight. One last round and they'll be done for life.  
*Greatness, a nine letter word that hold such overwhelming value. *Nine o'clock, fear enters the heart of a tender soul. *An individual of Humpty beginnings who would rather not be so bold.
Like blood matting fur, the hunger stems down the spine, sweetest torment. And echoes in fear, a flash, blind Contrast – the forest awash with red, swirling, the scent in the breeze, buzz
He goes by many as he travels the country training peasant girls the art of spinning various fibers into the finest silk. “It’s magic!” people say, though many are convinced it’s a trick. But none
Once Upon A Time, when kids could roam freely in the woods, When adults did not have to lock their doors,When the people of the village felt safe.  It was a time before chaos fell,  Before a tyrant led by greed and desire decimated all happiness, 
Gold-- Everything else has ceased to matter, To exist In his eyes. The damned metal has taken control Of everything in sight: Of our once beautiful home, Of my body, Of his mind.  
20 mattresses,20 down beds,1 pea,And a princess (me).   A pea is nothing.But when you are sinking into feathersand are pressed to the ceiling-That is when your sleep is uncomfortable feeling.
Kidnapped by the Beast All good; pull out my iPhone Drop my location
"Once upon a time" goes the story But I can't help but find it boring Because it's filled with heteronormies And no representation for me.   I want to read one where the princess
I had paused in the corridor, faltering in my crystal shoes, my gut flipping with a cold sense of unbelonging. The floor was lucent gold and smoother
Once upon a time, in a far off land, A young Prince lived in a beautiful castle. Although he had everything he ever wanted, The Prince was selfish, and had no love in his heart. And as punishment for this,
Oh me oh my, how do I begin Well, when once I was of a ruling kind, following in the footsteps of my kin But brother dear never saw things my way, all of my ideas were of sin
Once Upon A Time... There was a princess named Rapunzel Born of a Black father and a White mother, Rapunzel was praised for her curly hair Natural curls
Deep in her sleep, mice sung and danced. Birds perched on her window sill and told her about the world. In her dreams, Cinderella was a princess with magic on her side. She never cleaned, she never worked,
Pricked her finger on the eye of a needle, Blood so raw, so sweet, She fell into the deepest of sleep Now encased in glass on a bed of roses
Once upon a time... There was a young lad named Cinderfella  Who lived with his stepfather, and his hideous step brothers And they abused this poor lad hella It had gotten worse since the death of his mother.
In ashes, the pot is as black as the kettle. A princess in rags wouldn’t stoop to my level. What would you do in my shoes? What do I? Life gives me a pumpkin, I make pumpkin pie.
The miller man went to the King and said, "Hey I heard you were strugglin' with those scholarship essays you've been jugglin' my daughter can spin you a story that's better than gold
She always looked to the surface to see boats pass by. She claimed her love for humans is mere curiosity, Her father knew that this was an obsession. He warned her to never go to the surface,
We grow up reading all the tales, we know all the lines Through movies and books, we've learned the rhymes   Cinderella goes to the ball and gets the prince And lives perfectly ever since  
 Here the boy sat writing for his future. He'd hoped it would all work out  yet the standards have been set by the the past. For the boy was not the magnificent Walt or Dickens himself. Yet he still pushed himself, 
Humpty Dumpty sat in a position of high power. Humpty Dumpty was involved in a scandel. All the King's power and all the King's wealth, Couldn't stop the people from stoning him to death.  
Growing up? Who wants that? Peter never had anyone to show him the way, Thinks being a kid is where it’s at. Now one thing is certain, things are different than just the other day.  
We know how this story goes, my friends- The Witch, the tower, the Prince in the end- Sometimes, a Dragon (just for a twist) Perched tippity top, which is shrouded in mist-
The Wolf slipped into the woods moving like an eastward trade wind. Swift, invisible, predatory, these were the traits he and his ancestors relied on for time immemorial,
Once 'pon a Time long ago,A witch showed a terrible show.She cursed a young manWho had stolen her hamAnd rampion for his wife (and daughter in tow).
The Wolf Why am I always seen as the enemy? So what I ate granny? She was behind on her business. She hasn’t paid The Boss for her house
Once upon a time Beyond tales and rhyme There lived a princess in a tower.                 Her hair was beholden To be long and golden Shining through the bower.  
What is this feeling in my chest? I'm sure I've felt before That feeling I shouldn't feel at all Because of the villains Who made me fall In love.
A symphony of lights, a dance of green and blue coupled with the song of the waves, The scent of moss imbued The rock of the water in its ebb and flow He looked into her eyes
Once Upon A Time, there was a poor father, Doing what he can to provide for his daughter. Goes up to the King and says, "Hey look at this! Here is something for ya that you don't wanna miss!"
Her poor unfortunate soul 
One upon a time there was a girl with hair of gold She was locked away in a dark tower, or so I'm told. But the truth is, Rapunzel did not want to go outside The last time that Gothel asked her to go out, she cried.
Once upon a time, in a town far away, You know how the story goes; There lived a young girl with ebony black hair, Snow white skin, and lips red as the rose;
This is a story of little red Who always wore a hood And how she was in the fed Because she wasn’t always good Her name was quite notorious
This is a story of little red Who always wore a hood And how she was in the fed Because she wasn’t always good Her name was quite notorious
There was a girl named Cinderella who met a handsome young fella the prince proposed then she forgoed and suddenly gave him an umbrella  
She could have asked for anything: Diamonds,Dresses,Dainty Delicacies. But she knew None of those things mattered.She had all she needed:A father's love,A mother's memory,Her beloved books. But there was one thing she wanted,Something so fleeting,
Snow White made some changes and inspired those seven dwarves She applied the lessons learned and changed her life for the better Dopey took notice, he made his move and became a motivational speaker
Once upon a time, there was a kiss that changed the world A lovestruck prince kissed the sleeping princess and broke the seven year curse cast upon the land
They say a monster lives there, a ferocious beast, Of course no one has seen him, not in the least. But I want to know the truth, I want to see, So into the darkness, into the castle, I must flee.  
I saw that the waves Were always moving, And always changing, And never made The same shape twice. And it was beautiful, But it was lonely, And I thought of you.  
Cinderella got the shoe  Cindrella got the dream  Cinderella was seen Cinderella had a clue  But what the author doesn't portray  What the author doesn't say  The author doesn't use the words--
Once Upon a Time Once Upon Once   Not once, but many times, there is a girl.   A girl
Half fish, Half human, Could it get any wrose?   Half faith, Half disbelief, Could I really survive?   Risking my life for love, Bringing my life to doom,
It was the year of growing up It was the year I was thrusted from the sparkly, childlike fairytale I had been encompassed in into the confusing, grey reality    
princess waiting in her tower prince searching by the hour tick tock washing and singing the bell begins ringing ding dong take a bite of the apple wedding bells in the chapel
Hold on, time is short I gotta flow, Anxious, I extort as I watch it grow, Watch out, it creeps like Pinnochio, Held by strings I’m screamin', “Let me go!”,
Oh my lovely litle child. Where hast thou been taken love? To a land more fair and wild, Hidden in a glen or grove   Will I see thee ne’er again
I don't believe in fairy tales. Happy endings are More often than not A figment of the mind, A dream during rest, A star in the sky, And a weight on the heart.
Lookest in mine eyes and tell me it isn't she, but the one that stands before you, your    most beloved, me.  
I had a man who sang me songs,each strum on his guitar echoedin my mind each night before Islept in coral reefs, how hebelieved my hair was a silvermoon melting within water.
“She must kill him in order to live, but she refuses. She can not find it in her heart to harm him.  
When I was at the age  of younger than I am now I would take hold of my bedroom door knob then hope, wish, and pray That when I swung it open I would be in another world I did dream
The pen is mightier than the sword, They say; But put it up against a gun And it wouldn’t last a day.
I dream of magic and dragons and fairy tales, where there are women in vintage long dresses and men in chainmails. The fairies are dancing in the moonlight, and pixies are hiding just out of your sight.
It hadn’t troubled her at first She knew early enough that fairy tales Were for those who could afford to dream them After all she’d been stepping in The shattered remains of her glass slippers
  It’s the feeling of the ocean, when you’re not really there. It’s an idea, a thought, a notion... Some clandestine affair.  
It is best to be a beautiful fool When others are being cruel You should pretend not to see You should never believe The truth behind the lies The truth behind the cries And stay in a fairy tale
Heading home for lunch is the only highlight I have and it’s too long for my liking. They call me Grumpy; my six brothers know better than to bug me. I ignore them and worry about my own business.
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