Beauty and the Stockholm

Once upon a time, in a far off land,

A young Prince lived in a beautiful castle.

Although he had everything he ever wanted,

The Prince was selfish, and had no love in his heart.

And as punishment for this,

An Enchantress transformed him into a ferocious beast.


She left him with only an enchanted rose.

If he could learn to love another,

And earn her love in return

By the time the last petal fell,

Then the spell would be broken,

And he would return to his handsome human form.


In the Spring of his twentieth year as a Beast,

He kidnapped a poor inventor from the village he once reigned over.

When the inventor’s daughter came to rescue her father,

The Beast agreed to let him go,

If Belle chose to stay in the castle forever.


“Forever” turned into three days,

Whereupon Belle falls in love with the Beast.

The Beast created a Jan-Erik Olsson persona,

In which Belle, despite being kidnapped,

Falls in love with the Beast and refuses to admit his crimes.


Belle has been manipulated by the abusive Beast.

This causes her to believe they are in love,

When in fact he’s just using her for freedom.


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