Mysterious Fairy Tale

I know certain people only have a certain time with each other,
​But even some are meant to last forever.
​I do not know when exactly our story will terminate,
​But I want you to know how much you made me great.
Not even the man who can read others like the palm of his hand
Can even begin to understand.
​You opened my eyes and heart to much more than I could ever accumulate
​Ever since the day you had me hooked like fish on a bait.

For I knew that you already had me hooked
When you gave my the heavenly smile, gazed down at me and looked.
Just from the "GOOD MORNING TUCKER" to you I yelled,
I knew for me, your heart so deeply and tightly held.
​No matter the downs we had in between our ups together,
​It was a feeling where there was no need to wish Upon Cinderella to be her.
​Not even in a world where we were trained to fight
​While being limited as youth, mimicked in a forbidden spotlight
​Could you take away that feeling
​Of the fairy tale we aspired to have as our beginning.

You must know just how much I truly thank you
​For the love I have always dreamed of from someone I could call "My Boo".
​If this is the last page of our story,
​I will forever be thankful for the countless memories you gave me.
I hope that someday along my path,
My heart will open to where I can love without giving wrath.
​I know that I cannot be sad if there is not a sequel to our story
​Because all slippers left behind, God will return with love and glory.

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