Change or Repeat

Many stories start

with once upon a time

but who is to say they only happen once?


Throughout a thousand different lives,

a cunning young man,

spins a thousand bales of straw into gold.

A thousand different unborn lives,

are given away,

before their lungs breathed a single breath.

You might say, “I know this story

of Rumpelstiltskin

and of his evil-child-stealing schemes”

“A simple story of magic

where good beats evil.”

but, I’m afraid, that was in the end,


And this

Is just the start.




When the child is born at last

the queen remembers,

and she does not bargain or cry.

The cunning man takes the baby,

and takes care of him,

provides everything, except for love.

20 years later, the child, grown,

by himself, alone,

twisted from his constant search for love.

He hears a cry, a tear, a wail.

Sees a girl in tears.

Sees a girl who is desperate for help.


He helps.

He wants a child.




Many more times this will happen.

A long search for warmth,

Without knowing of kindness or love.

Marriages to ruthless princes

who love cold metal

and offer death as the other choice.

Lives of children who want to love,

but don’t know how to.

A cycle of heartbreak and sadness.

So many bargains for safety,

and searches for love.

Bargains where nobody is rescued.


No change.

No happy end.




Then, in one small smile,

a twisted man finds warmth.

He is greeted with kindness and with delight.


He feels.

He smiles back.





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