The Big Bad Wolf

In Baconville, USA resided three karate masters.

Extraordinary pigs named Billy, Blanco, and Baxter. 

One more tournament, one more fight.

One last round and they'll be done for life.


Three days passed, they've won the tournament.

To celebrate their success, Blanco and Baxter bought new homes.

Blanco bought a house made of bricks, Baxter did the same.

Billy kept his house made of straw, he preferred to be plain.


Two weeks later, there was an increase in crime.

The local wolf gang was robbing houses blind.

The leader of the gang, who went by the name of Puck,

Saw the piggy's straw house and counted his luck. 


A gentle knock, followed by "Hello Mr. Piggy, would you please let me in?".

Billy responded, "Never! Not by the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin!".

With rage growing in his heart, Puck decided to tear this home apart.

Without warning, he huffed, puffed and blew Billy's house down.

Because the use of martial arts was forbidden, Billy was finally forced to give in.

Puck ate the little piggy, and he decided to pay the other two a visit.


Blanco was sitting on his porch when he saw Puck arrive.

Puck was satisfied with the fear in Blanco's eyes.

He gently said, "Do not run, I mean no harm, just let me inside so I can rest".

The pig responded, "No, you are a criminal, I am turning you in."

Puck exclaimed, "You do not want to do that!".

He then inhaled, swallowing the pig in one huge gasp.


Later that night, Puck found a huge house, which belonged to Baxter.

He said to himself, "This might be a challenge, the other two went faster."

Before he knocked, the wolf noticed a chimney.

Next to the door was a ladder, the wolf was instantly filled with laughter. 

"One step, two steps, three", the wolf said to himself.

Baxter heard the noise, he exclaimed, "Who's there? I will not be a victim of theft!".

Puck responded, "Just relax, this will be nice and easy."

The pig became terrified, running around squealing.

He decided to break the forbidden law, he encouraged the wolf to continue.

To Puck's surprise, he entered a dark living room.

Baxter immediately used sacred karate moves on Puck

"Count your blessings, leave town forever or I'll have you arrested!", exclaimed Baxter to Puck.

Instantly terrified, Puck disappeared into the woods

He then vowed to be peaceful for good.

Despite his vow, Puck acquired a new taste

A girl with a red hood went riding through the woods

To himself, Puck said, "Looks like I have a new friend to make."













Great poem!

Qualand Comradd



Very talented. Nice work!

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