the princess to be

Thu, 07/20/2017 - 23:07 -- Dayton

a day

a month

a year

thats how long they've known each other 

it started in deep winter 

it was still an adventure 

they never spoke about the future 

they never spoke about the kids

they spent all their time in the castle 

behind the dull brick walls 

but it wasnt dull to these love birds

next thing you know the prince is throwing a ball

and its for her

she wants to go but that evil bitch of a step mother wont let her

she thinks her ugly daughters have a chance with the prince

she just doesnt know the secret

this story doesnt have a fairy god mother 

its jsut the little peseant girl 

shes all alone on this one

so she makes a dress

of course she still has help from her little forest friends

so she rides to the ball on a beautiful white horse 

they dance the night away 

until the clock strikes midnight 

yep that still happens in this little story

that is when this story goes all wrong 

she leaves the castle 

loses her glass slipper 

but falls down the stairs

has to keep going even though she is all banged up 

it gets worse....

she gets on the horse but it bucks her off

funny right?

well after that she decides to just walk home 

not dangerous at all, right? 

a like fifteen year old girl walking home at midnight

thats not strange at all.

well she soon gets attacked by crows

they pluck her eye out and tear up her nice pretty gown

they really do a number on her.

sucks because after that she is unreacognizable 

so, when the prince starts going cottage to cottage looking for his princess,

he cant find her. 

well, he finds her alright but its on one of his trips out of the castle. 

he finds her after a couple days, 

all dead and poked at by the birds

lets just end this on, 

he didnt have a very lively princess to be, after that beautiful ball.


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