The Maiden

On a quite curious day, certain events were set into motion.

Seven young men sailed out on the ocean.

And to their dismay

A beautiful, cursed maiden joined on the way.


Every man entranced by her beauty

Fails to remember his prior duty.

But underneath this peculiar lure

This woman was very kind and pure.


The first man simply saw her from behind

And then he went completely blind.

The second caught a glimpse of her face

And sadly, ran into a mace.


The third and fourth, weakest of all

Found themselves in a brawl.

Fighting over the maiden, they both fell overboard

And floated on, to a nearby ford.


The fifth sailor found himself staring into her eyes.

Thereupon he simply dies.

A heart attack they say

Is what ended his day.


The sixth man had the privilege of making her laugh

Then later found himself a riffraff.

For after he heard her gentle song

He went mad his whole life long.


The seventh gentleman made it further than most,

But he couldn’t ever boast.

For his heart was pure

And his love toward the maiden very sure.


He watched the maiden from afar.

And he watched his shipmates act bizarre.

He watched the maiden try to be kind.

And he watched each man lose his mind.


Then, finally, one day, he faced his fears.

He approached the maiden and her lonely tears.

She pushed him away.

Assuring him she would betray.


He ignored her efforts.

I love you, he blurts.

Ashamed of himself, he tried to leave her.

But he couldn’t abandon her lovely lure.


She stood to face him, eye to eye.

His, an earthy brown and hers as blue as sky.

She stood on her tiptoes to reach his lips,

As his stomach did somersaults and flips.


Then and there, they share their first kiss,

And to each of them it was pure bliss.

But no one knows who passed first,

We only know they both died cursed.


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