The Curse of Pinocchio

Once upon a time, there was a little Italian man named Pine who was precisely one of Santa's elf in his workshop.

At first, when he began with his job as Santa's puppet maker, he was a really nice and honest man with a kind heart.

But after some time, when avarice, egoism, resentment, envy, and jealousy over Santa's immense magical power and his marvelous affectionate relationship with Pine’s coworkers and close friends touched Pine's small peanut sized heart, it practically began to slowly consume his heart, which ultimately led Pine to make a significantly atrocious decision, which would conclusively impact his entire life!

After some days of having uncovered the original source of Santa's power, which was a small ornament of a ceramic cricket on his desk; our little Italian man (Pine) decided to enter Santa's office.

Upon entering Santa's office Pine heard a slight noise, when he turned around, he found himself caught red-handed by Mrs.Claus.

At the second, he was a little relieved it wasn't Santa who had discovered him; but little Pine was totally mistaken.

There was a small dark secret nobody knew about charming Mrs.Claus, and that was that she was actually an evil witch, which worked for Santa in case anyone ever tried to steal his power!

When he attempted to escape, it was useless as she already had little Italian Pine within her malicious hands.

At the second, she began to prepare a malevolent curse, which consisted of Pine being reborned in a different prospective era where he would be a puppet and would be called Pinocchio.

Little Pine cried to the galaxy and back, but the maleficent Mrs.Claus would not forgive him!

Before the atrocious curse was put on Pine, the last things he said were... " I will never betray anybody or lie to anyone ever again!"

Then, he closed his eyes and and when he woke up, he was now in a woodshop with a man called Geppetto, who now called him Pinocchio and referred him as his son, which was now a puppet made of Pine wood and was given life by a wonderful and marvelous angel.

Which ultimately gave Pinocchio a chance to become human again, but with a special condition, and that was that he would never lie or betray his dad, his family, and close friends ever again.

He promised to obey, but ultimately resulted on breaking his promise when he escaped his father's woodshop, after promising him and his cricket friend Jiminy he would never get out without their permission.


Finally, after escaping he realized that his wooden nose had grown; and at the same time the marvelous angel appeared before Pinocchio's eyes and punished him for breaking his promise, and finally made Pinocchio Geppetto's and his predecessors wooden servant for eternity!


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