Sun, 07/30/2017 - 11:48 -- rm18

she was wearing her favorite dress that day,

the one with all the colors. it shimmered and danced

in the light as she twirled with glee.

fresh flowers framed her lovely face,

and a handsome boy adorned her side.


but he was watching from the bushes,

a menacing statue;

she really ought to have been more careful.

it was what her mother always said: pay attention.

look behind you, and to the side, and only then

resume your forward gaze with confidence.

you never know

what might happen


indeed, he emerged

without her awareness; and he sidled up behind

and grasped her elbow; and the whirling of her dress

turned to whirling all around.

she lost consciousness.


and the first words she heard after that were,

welcome to faerieland. she knew what it really meant:

you are mine.

and the first sight she saw

in her new world was a feast of decadent dishes

laid out on golden platters

but she could not stomach the food.

she cried.

and the final thought she had was,

i am lost.


and so she was, all because

she forgot to look behind.


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