A Tail as Old as Time

Once upon a time

Lived a little mermaid, called Ariel, who commited a crime

After becoming infatuated with a land-bound man

She seeked out an exiled sorceress, and of her evil magic, she became a fan

Denying the advice of friends and disobeying her father

She sold her soul, sprouted legs, and became quite a bother

After a few days, the sorceress tried to scam her

To keep all the bargaining chips and marry the prince in anger

The witch almost succeeded and would have too

Because of this little red-headed girl who didn't have a clue

The land-bound man and the father saved the day

And Ariel was gifted her legs and allowed to marry in that bay

But did Ariel really set things right?

Is that why her dad granted her legs after that great, big fight?

Maybe, it could be

Or maybe the crime of convorting with the witch exiled her from the sea







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