The Boy Who Refused to Become A Drone

Tick, tick, tick,

It's time to go to school to learn how to be quick.

Tick, tick, tick,

A grown-up Peter can't afford to not be a cynic.


No more daydreaming and pondering,

his only concerns should be how much he's producing.

No more carefree hide-and-seek or wonderful games of tag;

the world is cruel, be productive or be a lazy fleabag.


Time to let go of the childish wonder and move onto the mature,

a neoliberal drone future must be ensured.

Today's time shows that's the only future that succeeds,

at this game of life while Peter's heart bleeds.


No, thinks Peter.

If this life is what I'm destined to be,

I must change the process that is to be me.


No, thinks Peter.

I will not let this happen to me.

A mindless robot is not what I want to be.


No, thinks Peter.

I must do what I must,

and escape the cycle of age that society lusts.


Peter continues to think.

There has to be an otherwise where time doesn't pass with a blink.


That's where I'll go, Peter reckons.

An otherwise form of existence, a lifestyle without doctrines.


I must reject everything the world has meant for me to be.

And if I don't grow up, Peter decrees.


Well that wouldn't be so bad for me.


Peter decides.

A life of what ifs.

A life without acceptance and passivity.

A life of momentous memory.

Every day can be a play date.

After all, the best findings in life

are found without submission into our current fate.


What if?




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