Blood Red Riding Hood


United States

Pretty little girl

With a basket full of fruit. 

Her mouth may smile, 

But her eyes reveal the truth. 


Says she's off to see her aunt, 

But that's not her real plan-

She has a secret hidden

In the palm of her hand.


She steps into the forest,

A deep dark sea of green. 

The wicked windy wilderness

Is like nothing you've ever seen. 


In the corner of her eye, she spots

Bristly black fur. 

Her mouth begins to curl 

As the wolf moves towards her.


"Hello little girl," he says,

"How are you today?

Look at all the flowers-

Why don't you come and play?"


"I'd really love to play," she says, 

"But I don't have the time.

If you come a little closer,

I will tell you why."


"Well alright," the wolf complies, 

And she whispers in his ear:

"The bigger the knife,

The easier it is to kill you, my dear."


Crimson drops spill

Onto the dusty path.

The girl begins to twist the knife,

Seething with wrath.


"But why?" the wolf cries,

With his final breath.

"This is for my grandmother,

Whom you sent to her death."


With her shiny silver blade

And the fruit in her tote,

The little girl skips off 

In her red hooded coat.

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