Peter Pan's Hapless Facade


Skulking in the mid of night

A viridescent spirit leads in flight-

His servant following suit

Cloaked in a flaxen complimentary soot


In tandem they slink on roofs above beds

Hunting children whose parents are filled with dread

For their children remain in an endless dream

Of a jolly green angel bringing nothing but glee


At the foot of Wendy’s bed sat the wily character

Planting scenes of beauty that soon awaited her

But she had to act quick as that choice was timed

For the happiness ahead was for the innocent of mind


Wendy pondered his offer at the Mermaid’s Lagoon

“Should I live in this world? Or go back to my gloom”

Uncertainty lay at the end of the road

If she didn’t stay, would not awaking be bode?


Embracing her fate in a child’s wonderland-

Would be nothing short of something grand

But her days of innocence are soon to be gone

And returning to variability is an inevitable con


As Wendy returned to her unconscious state

Peter and Tink roamed the sky

In search for the next child to take

To his land of the lost boys where they go to die



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