Rapunzel's Wish

Rapunzel rolled her eyes and brushed her hair

Annoyed by the chants that she was 'his type', wonderful, and fair.

She wasn't a fool for alluring words made to flatter,

had heard it all before, and chalked it all up to buggering chatter.

'Go away', she wished he would,

but his voice continued to echo through the woods.

After hours of hearing his bothersome whine,

Rapunzel shouted from the window, "Be gone, you swine!"

The prince on the ground rutted his brow,

"Fine, then," he grumbled, "Be lonely forever, cow!"

Rapunzel sneered and sat back in her chair,

getting back to her business and spoke a short prayer.

"Please," she put her hands together,

"Send me a maiden, one from kindness and beauty,

one that would not shout, and with the voice of a feather."

And on that night, as Rapunzel lay to sleep,

she heard a shrill scream that began to weep.

Curious as she was, the lonesome princess peered from her window,

and down below, a woman fell to her knees within the snow.

"Are you lost?" Rapunzel called,

hoping the girl was not harmed from her fall.

"Who said that?" was the question of wonder,

and Rapunzel let down her hair, to assist this scared flower.

The girl was confused but grabbed on and climbed,

and soon she was safe from a pursuing group of guys.

Sat on the windowsill that was Rapunzel’s view,

the two girls smiled to one another and fell in love anew.


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