Twisted Ariel

Wed, 05/24/2017 - 14:52 -- aleiix3

Half fish,

Half human,

Could it get any wrose?


Half faith,

Half disbelief,

Could I really survive?


Risking my life for love,

Bringing my life to doom,

Will he choose me or will he choose her?


Choosing her will break my heart,

break my skin,

break my voice.

Do I want to be part of this love graveyard?


Maybe I do,

Maybe I don't,

but in reality it's all I hoped.


I take the risk,

become human,

fall in love but the problem is

he doesn't love me

he loves her.


It breaks me,

killing me slowly,

Will I survive this?


Yes I will

because my prince isn't human,

he is half-fish and half-skin,

He is a mermaid, a merman, just like me.


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