Strings Are Gone

Wed, 06/08/2016 - 16:44 -- Hotsoup

Hold on, time is short I gotta flow,

Anxious, I extort as I watch it grow,

Watch out, it creeps like Pinnochio,

Held by strings I’m screamin', “Let me go!”,

Sharpened nose reaching out for the puppeteer,

Back to the wall then drops like all my tears,

Strings are gone I know what I’m gonna do,

Look to the light shining back from Robby’s room,


Caught, he regrets what he taught me,

Haughty, never thought any danger of me,

Spotty, his face contorts when I appear,

Naughty, thought he’d retort to ease his fear,


Savagery and stained wood swiftly I departed,

Doorway, downstairs, Robby was outsmarted,

Evidence, the residents never could they guess

Splintered wood, I’ve been good, strategically like chess,

Never do I hunger, thirst never bothered,

Consciously vacant, no innocence to slaughter,

Shooting stars, fairy tales, mocking like a cricket,

Tapping with insanity, the illusions they illicit,

Wooden eyes never dry neither do they rest,

Daze in the melancholy truth I confess,


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My country
Our world


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