Esay Mill

Sat, 07/01/2017 - 19:17 -- clarkc1

The miller man went to the King and said,

"Hey I heard you were strugglin'

with those scholarship essays you've been jugglin'

my daughter can spin you a story that's better than gold

you'll get that money so you won't be strugglin' "

The King agreed and took the man's daughter

Locked her in a room, typewriter, no shower

Told her "Write me those essays your father said you could do

or else I'll make you into a pair of shoes"

The daughter was distraught, wrought with fear

when a little strange man did appear and said

"give me your necklace and I won't be reckless

that essay will be done by ten"

And write he did with such great speed

That the next morning the King was pleased

So pleased in fact he implored

that the daughter should write a little more

"tuition is expensive! write more or

that threat from before remains!"

Enter a repeat of the night before

this time the little man takes some ore

on a ring that the daughter wore

And once again

the king is happy but still is not satisfied

so the little man comes to lend

his skill

But the daughter has nothing left to give

so in desperation

she offers up her first born


At least the king has his money

and makes the daughter his sweet little honey

and sooner enough

the child is born

and the little man comes for his prize money


But he can't resist a deal

and states that he will make an appeal

that if she can guess his name

her life will be without pain

the child will be hers and the little man will never be seen again

Burt believe it or not

he blows his own cover

in his hubris coughs it over

the name the daughter hears

is Rumpelstiltskin

And the very next day

she lays the name on him

He leaves defeated

And it's  happily ever after




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