The Girl in the Tower

Sun, 08/06/2017 - 14:23 -- LGPoems

Whether you were told I was stolen or given

my story was shared. 

The ending never right, 

but nobody cared. 

Here's what happened, so pay attention. 

To this day I'm still unsure

of what really happened 

after my birth, 

though it doesn't truly matter 

stolen or not. 

I hate them all, 

I hope they all rot. 

I was used for my hair,

abused by them all. 

I should have cut it

and made that witch fall. 

Trapped in a tower, 

forced to grow long hair,

I had to brush for hours. 

Just so that witch could

climb up and say

"Is this really what you've

been up to all day?!"

I paint and I paint 

because life is a bore. 

There's got to be

so much more. 

I saw the lights shining through my window one night. The night of my birthday, year after year. I decided once I was ready I would go find where they were coming frrom. This was a conversation I did not want to have with "mother"

She threw a huge fit

scolded me and left. 

I said screw you

and then I left. 

I went to see the lights 

they weren't what I thought. 

All that money I spent

and this is what I bought?

There was maybe about twenty

better yet ten

giant flaming paper lanterns 

I left again. 

I stayed in my tower 

for far too long. 

But there was food and shelter

and I filled it with song. 

I'm out on my own

for the first time ever.

I should find my parents 

never say never. 

Turns out they suck 

just as much as her.

They gave me away,

for some lovely fur. 

Now I have no one

not even Pascal.

She was eaten by a bird 

but what a great gal. 

I know this is not what you came for but here's the truth. I may be a "princess" but my life is not any better than any of you normal folk. Disastorous circumstances that were taken and made to look all sparkly and wonderful. 

So now I wonder

in the great abiss

but not is all lost

because who would I miss?

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Our world


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