Cinderella got the shoe 

Cindrella got the dream 

Cinderella was seen

Cinderella had a clue 

But what the author doesn't portray 

What the author doesn't say 

The author doesn't use the words--


Cinderella swept the cinders around the fireplace 

And dust the dirty lamps around the stones and stayed 

Up in the attic 

Where she wasn't seen or wasn't heard. 

Cinderella would see the the birds '

Hear the leaves 

See the mice 

And all the trees 

But no one knew the stuff she took 

No one knew the white pill 

That would take her to her dreams 

Where she wasn't beatened everyday by a mother 

Who could care less about her well being 

And her health. 

You call that a narcissist? 

Psychadellic natures 

Of the broken beatened down princess 

Who could never get the prince she wanted 

But the dreams she could get 

And all the while you could hear 

The sounds of the broom swaying on the hard floor 

"Swish Swish" "Swish Swish" 

Poppin that pill

Inhaling that good stuff

Wishing this was all true 

But it's not. 

"Swish Swish" Swish Swish" 


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