Happily Ever After

We grow up reading all the tales, we know all the lines

Through movies and books, we've learned the rhymes


Cinderella goes to the ball and gets the prince

And lives perfectly ever since


Happily Ever After


Rapunzell gets out of the tower

And gets royal power


Happily Ever After


Sleeping beauty bites the apple

and still ends up with the prince in a chapel


Happily Every After


The morals and messages may still be valid

However, life isn't some fairy tale ballad


In our modern world the endings should be more realistic

As opposed to the perfect ending - something elusive and mystic


People should know that heroes don't always win

Perphaps the Beast never got his curse broke - to add a spin


People should know that sometimes the villians succeed

Perhaps Peter Pan fails - and the Lost Boys bleed


By making a story more practical and human

Readers will better get the morals - and have acumen


Sometimes the world doesn't give a happily ever after

Sometimes it gives you a lot of pain with only a hint of laughter




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