Just One Side

Mon, 07/31/2017 - 19:03 -- Katia

Clocks are ticking

Church bells ringing 

Another book has ended,

A new one just begun.

A fairy tale is just a story

That's told from just one side


A happy ending for the heroes,

The villains die alone,

The evil queen was just a princess whose story wasn't told.

The sea witch was abandoned and left alone for dead

All villains have a story

They aren't all that bad.


No one is trully evil, 

No one was born that way

Sometimes it's form betrayal,

Sometimes it's worse than that.

Who'd be a friend to Big Bad Wolf

Who would dare love a monster

Something has turned the villains like that 

And no one ever cared.


So tell their stories

Good and Bad

Make happy endings for them

Who could have known a persons fate could change with just a word...

Stop looking for the brightside

Sometimes there isn't one

No one can know what could have been ,

No one can know what will be,

Life isn't just in black and white,

The one side or the other

The only time we have is now

Let's change the stories endings.


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