The Fairest One of All

Lookest in mine eyes and tell me it isn't she, but the one that stands before you, your 
most beloved, me.
It tis she, he replied, the skin of a winter's tis she Madame, the fairest, Snow 
Lies! She screamed. Ye vile thing! Thy prophecy is but fallacy! 
Doth not know how fragile you are? How quickest ye can shatter?
Conjure up thy evil spirits! Conjure up thy deepest dues!
Doth say she is the fairest, ah but it shall prove to be untrue.
Mystical Mirror, giveth me a guise that will mystify,
That will enchant the most sacred lovers into a trance of desire.
I shall become thy lyre and lure their love,
And mine name shall be the one ye speakest of.
You wish to become a human harp and strum thy lovers into a daze,
Then go forth to the sunlit bay and swim amongst the broken waves.
Her form, a beautiful siren swimming in the sea,
A voice so pure and lyrical and a song that surpassed all beauty.
Upon hearing her sweet melody, shipmen were cast into a spell.
Ye wretched fools, she'd say, as their hearts plundered into the sea,
A curse was cast, and they had fell,
Into the seas of an ebonous tell. 
Mystical Mirror, what say you now?
'Thy Fairest One' thee shall endow?
Madame, The fairest one of all the land does not stand before me.
Snow White is the one that I still see.
Ye slithering serpent! How be it true?!
Deception is thy truest name, 
If thee deceive me once more, her and thy fate shall be the same!
Giveth her an apple of the sweetest scent,
She shall not resist its innocent charm and give into a most desired taste.
But be it so innocent? 
Oh no, my intention is to harm and harm she shall face.
Thy apple's poison shall send her into a slumber so deep,
her wretched little heart shall slowest then cease.
Death upon she!
The fairest I shall be!
Magic mirror make it be!
Upon looking out her window a delectable red apple struck her eye.
Snow White plucked it from the tree and took her first bite.
The apple fell and so doth she.
All because of a cruel jealousy.
Aha! Magic Mirror, you've done the deed!
You've killed Snow White, that wicked weed!
Mine sacred name thou shall pronounce?
'The Fairest One' make be announced.
Forgive me Madame, for it is not ye.
The fairest one still doth She.
Not true! She's dead!
That may be, but it is Snow White I still see.
Rigorous waters doth thee tread,
Doth not realize I weave thy thread?
Lies you make you horrid thing
Now ye shall feel my terrible sting.
Doth make me tremble in aching fury,
Ye shall live in ultimate dreary!
Once my love, now my foe.
You wretched fool, down you go!
Her magical mirror lay shattered on the floor.
Who doth the fairest one, the one most adore?
Me! She screamed in poisonous vain.
What was had, now is slain
Upon thee glass she did recall,
A lost love to which proclaimed her fall. 
Who doth the fairest one of all?


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