Rapunzel's Lover

Her lover enters through a little hole

pierced in the crutch of her arm

and when her lover enters

her tongue fashions 

coarse whispers.


Her lover calls to her and she pierces holes

in the veins of her throat.

Her lover coarses through her veins and

she bleeds a sick yellow grey -

her eyes much the same.


Her lover spins tall tales of 

love and loss and pain that 

only it can subside.


Her mind spins shadows that

potrude from the walls and

scream desparately.


Her lover bashes her head and

destroys her family

and robs her of freedom. 


It keeps her locked in agony,

in disgust with herself.

It is a sickness growing stronger

with every little hole

she pierces to allow entry.


and again and again her lover screams

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, 

you must let me in."

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