The True Story of Rapunzel

One upon a time there was a girl with hair of gold

She was locked away in a dark tower, or so I'm told.

But the truth is, Rapunzel did not want to go outside

The last time that Gothel asked her to go out, she cried.

Rapunzel was scared of the birds and of the bees

She would rather not know what sort of creatures were lurking in the trees.

One day a prince came underneath her window and asked Rapunzel to come down

He nearly dodged the stepping stool that was chucked straight toward his crown.

But each day the prince would return and ask once more if Rapunzel would leave her tower

Even if for just a moment, even for a single hour.

Finally Rapunzel gave up and agreed with a sigh

She would step outside and greet the prince, and then quickly say good-bye.

The minute Rapunzel's foot hit the ground, a smile grew on her face

She laughed out loud as the prince drew her into his embrace.

He showed her the sunshine and the streams and the birds and the bees

But most importantly, he taught Rapunzel how to face the creatures that were lurking in the trees.


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