The Princess and the Vegetable-induced Insomnia

One night as a princess was going to bed,

her mother, the queen, came to her and said,

"I told you to balance your diet. Now PLEASE,

stop your complaining and swallow these peas."

The young little girl loved to eat bread and meat.

She did not regard the small orbs as a treat.

She grabbed the small bowl that her mother was holding

and when the queen turned, the girl took to folding

the disgusting green spheres into her dress.

She was careful so she would not make a big mess.

She marched to her room, and feeling content

threw them from her window down to the cement. 

That night when she laid her head down to sleep,

feelings of guilt soon started to creep.

She pushed them away with a large heavy sigh,

but soon felt a small lump near the side of her thigh,

the same size as the food that had caused all her agony.

The girl could have sworn she'd thrown them all from the balcony.

"There must be a pea in here," thought the young insomniac

"or it could be a tumor," thought the hypochondriac.

She tossed and turned for nearly an hour,

but without sleep, her mood turned sour.

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