Cindy's Dream

Deep in her sleep, mice sung and danced.

Birds perched on her window sill and told her about the world.

In her dreams, Cinderella was a princess with magic on her side.

She never cleaned,

she never worked,

she never worried.

With a fairy-godmother on her side, she rode in a pumpkin.

A prince loved her more than anyone in the world as she wore a magnicant dress.


Yet, this was only in her dreams.

When she woke up, she was alone in her attic.

She wore the same rags as before and there was no prince.

The mice and brids didn't even realize she was there and continued on with their day.

She didn't have a fairy-godmother, only a wicked step-mother.

She only lived like a princess in her dreams.

Still, every morning she woke up in hopes of being like the girl in her dreams.


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