The Woeful Princess

Once Upon A Time, when kids could roam freely in the woods, When adults did not have to lock their doors,When the people of the village felt safe.  It was a time before chaos fell,  Before a tyrant led by greed and desire decimated all happiness, Before a great storm came and surrounded the land in darkness.  In the kingdom stood a princess in all white,  staring desperately into a mirror, holding on to the hope she would be saved.  The kingdom was falling, They had no money, They had no food.  The princess decided she could fix this, She would marry a prince that could give her kingdom wealth, She could save her family and her people.  Yet the princess did not truly want this, No, she was in love with a warrior, She was in love with a woman.  But they could never marry, They could never have the life they want, They could never be happy together.  The princess' stare turned determined, She moved from the mirror, And walked on the aisle that would change her life.  Still though she kept an eye on the doors, pleading with anything above, that her warrior would come to rescue her.  Nothing came, The wedding progressed and passed, And the prince turned into a tyrant. 


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