The Pied Piper, Continued

We all know the tale of the pied piper’s play

He tooted his flute to take rats away

The village was glad

But soon to be sad

When he took all their children when they didn’t pay


But though the story does say all the children did drown

A quite different outcome act’lly came around

The pied piper roamed

And brought the children home

To raise them as his own instead of the town’s


A problem arose quite quickly indeed

For one hundred children is many to feed

They cried and they whined

Said they wanted to dine

So the piper went searching to answer their plea


The piper realized he had nowhere to go

While off looking for a medieval Costco

Then out of nowhere

He felt someone stare

And turned to see a man who stood four foot O


The short man just grinned and stuck out his hand

“Hello,” he smiled, not wanting to be too grand

(But you might know this grin

As Rumpelstiltskin)

He continued “I can help you find food throughout this here land”


The pied piper shrugged, he had no better bet

Than to trust this small man no bigger than a pet

 So the imp’s hand he took

And the imp’s hand he shook

And the pied piper felt he’d no reason to fret


Rumpel (we’ll say for his name is too long)

Led the piper in the forest and he sang a song

About children and mothers

And loving each other

And the piper suspected that something was wrong


(Not wrong in the sense that he was suspicious

Wrong like the man had his heart torn out vicious

By someone long ago

And thrown down below

This man guiding him to some food quite delicious)


Piper was bored and decided to chat

And Rumpel found that he quite enjoyed that

They laughed and they talked

As they strolled and they walked

‘Till they reached all the food, held in a vat


The vat’s not important, no need for detail

Accept it was there, it’s a fairy tale

The men got the food

In a very good mood

Then headed back to where Piper had hailed


Rumpel had originally planned a mean trick

To take all the children and make Piper sick

But something changed his mind

And caused him to be kind

And Rumpel’s mean-spirit disappeared quick


Together they fed the hundred children

And raised them together, through thick and thin

The lassies and lads

Loved both of their dads

The famous pied piper and Rumpelstiltskin


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