Fairy Tale


I dream of magic and dragons and fairy tales,

where there are women in vintage long dresses and men in chainmails.

The fairies are dancing in the moonlight,

and pixies are hiding just out of your sight.

The sword in the stone is seen from all around,

and there are endless magical gems growing underground.

The water is the clearest, and the fire burns blue,

and the sky stays an assortment of hundreds of hues.

Strange fruit grows upon trees that remain so sweet,

there are so many people here I want to meet.

There are heroes from books that light up the land,

that keeps the scene interesting and far from bland.

Sword duels are flashing all over the place,

a fun game that is set at a fast pace.

With cauldrons all around ready for the cast of spells,

that enlighten the heavens and drive away hell.

Of course it is just a dream in my mind,

but I am always curious about the secrets here that are next to find.


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