The Frog Princess

There was once a princess in a far away land

Who was offering up her marriage hand

However all the princes that had come a calling

Found her behavior gross and appalling


Though she was fair, she ate bugs and burped

Her ‘graceful walk’ resembled a lurch

It became clear that she would remain unwed

Until a prince came with a solution instead


His manners were poor and quite unrefined

But once the princess saw him she thought him divine

They soon fell in love, like a storybook tale

But as a wedding grew closer, the prince grew more pale


Finally the prince went to his bride to be

And said “there’s something you should know about me”

“In truth, I am not a man, but a prince of the frogs,

I was cursed to be a man, and left my home in the bog.


Once we kiss at our wedding, from my curse I’ll be free

But you will become a frog just like me”

The princess thought long about this new choice

And said “I always hated being a lady of poise”


She ran from the castle, with her prince in hand

And the two of them married in his marshy land

A lovely frog princess, and her lovely frog prince

And the two of them have been happy since


This poem is about: 
Our world


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