The Truth Behind Snow White

Once upon a time I tried to kill my daughter, I know,

I’ve read every story I’ve seen how it goes


“The evil queen with an envy filled heart

Would try to kill Snow White without even a start.”


But little do they know I attempted to save their souls,

From the wretched demoness with darker goals.


Now sit for a while and let me explain,

Why I tried to be rid of a girl who cause so much pain.


First and foremost, she wasn’t a girl,

She was temptation and wickedness all in a swirl.


As hard as it may be for me to say,

That girl is a vampire that needs to be slain.


How else would that explain her glowing eyes,

That could’ve bent the will of my huntsman and 7 other guys?


And explain her capability to control forest creatures,

She certainly is more than her snow-white features.


Last of all how could she have slept without aging a bit?

The description of blood sucker is a mighty good fit!


But ignore me if you must and call me “evil” queen,

But be aware that the true evil is more than it may seem. 

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