Appearance UNkept

Hello I’m Drizella

I’m going to marry a fella

Royal and tall

He’ll catch me when I fall

during the waltz and the tango


Wrapped in a bow

He won’t leave me in limbo


Hear ye, commoners

The slipper fits

I stuffed my foot

before those with dimmer wits


Hear ye, commoners

The church bells are for me

I stumble(daintily)

With one satin heel

One bunioned cracked bloody foot stuck in

a glass slipper


I sweat

I do

He’s mine

The crown too


The wedding night’s not one of bliss

As I had thought

Not one kiss


The wool drawn o’er his eyes

Heats his temper

Attempts to pull my slipper off

And I simper

And yell for a maid

Wishing for



who wore the shoe

Frock a glittering blue


Soapy water runs red and

Spills to the floor

Slipper easily pried from my swollen foot


Prince not-so-charmed

Examines the damage

Calls off the marriage


All in one thought


The ladies come for the corona

And cakes

Slake their lust in his wake

But no one wants him


Not like she

Who wore the shoe

Frock a glittering blue


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Our world


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