Sea Witch Lament

Oh me oh my, how do I begin

Well, when once I was of a ruling kind, following in the footsteps of my kin

But brother dear never saw things my way, all of my ideas were of sin

Though I was supposed to be older and wiser than he,

He had the gall to disagree


And so he decided to banish me to the far reaches of the sea

Away from his new kingdom

Away from his light

Now you may see the reason for my plight


I wanted things to be fair in my kingdom, everything would be give and take

But no, there became a hierarchy appearing in his wake

Everyone had a purpose, and everyone had a place

I became his family's one disgrace


I live my life in squalor, with eel companions as my company

As he lives his in splendor, basking in his little symphony

His daughters sing, and his subjects cheer

But none know of why he should be feared

He has power, maybe stronger than me

As he cast me out of his new society


His daughter came, and I was glad

I could teach a lesson, it wouldn't be too bad

I wanted to show her life was not all fun 

And so I would show her what it would feel like to lose when all was done

She told me of her love, oh how carefree was she

But I know young love will not last, and so she would see


I gave her a choice, a fair one at that

And she accepted, simple, but she could no longer stay and chat

She had a time limit, but more importantly yet

She had to give her voice, though she needn't fret

All she had to do was prove me wrong

Then she could once again sing her silly little song


But she had went and done it

And I do admit

That in a little rage I threw a little fit

I tried to force her out of this ridiculous love

And so I, myself ventured above


I tried to take this love of hers away

She would have thanked me some day


But everyone had become undone

And in the end she and her rose tinted view on life had won

I had been impaled with a ship by Triton's new son


I sank into the depths as I heard them merrily cry

And realized that I was the wicked witch in this tale that had to die


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