CinderFELLA ?!

Once upon a time...

There was a young lad named Cinderfella 

Who lived with his stepfather, and his hideous step brothers

And they abused this poor lad hella

It had gotten worse since the death of his mother.


The night of the long awaited ball had finally come

Cinderfella, like everyone else was very excited

" You'll finish these chores or you'll stay home!" 

His brothers as awful as they were, were totally delighted.


Cinderfella hurried and finished his chores

All the while, his brothers preparing to meet the princess

When all was done, he retired behind a closed door

And now finally, the brothers all emerge in their formal dress 


When his brothers saw his suit of silk

They were filled with envy

For finally he was of their same ilk

They tore it apart, full of bitter jealousy


Poor cinderfella, crying and alone

But fear not young lad your saviour has arrived

For it is your fairy godfather, who has answered the phone

From dirty old scraps, a new suit is derived


A rotten, old squash beomes your sick new ride

The lazy, fat dog now a majestic  steed

"Stand up straight! You must have great pride" 

" But believe me Cinderfella you must take heed" 


"Before the clock strikes twelve, you really must leave"

But before you go, a brand new dress shoe 

"It is plenty of time, you'll still have fun, if you just believe"

A shoe made of glass, made specifically for you


Cinderfella, he rode to the ball

Many heads turned to get a look at the new arrival, oh how they stared

His brothers and father could not believe the gall

He looked so handsome and so well prepared


He had a good time, drinking and dancing, meeting the monarch 

He even met Bella, the next air to the throne

Though there was for sure, a romantic spark 

And before he knew it, he heard that first tone


" Midnight already?! I'm sorry Bella! I really must go!" 

He turned and ran down the grand stair 

"But wait! Your name ! I really must know?"

However, the only proof of Cinderfella, was the glass shoe he had left there. 


After a night of elegance, it was time to return to his boring old life

Cooking and cleaning for his father and brothers 

Though he had his daydreams, of that wonderful night, where he fantasized of making Bella his pretty new wife

But his daydream could not save him from the others


Bella, was on the hunt, searching for the owner of the mysterious shoe

His brothers had heard, but they did not give Cinderfella the wonderful word

Poor Cinderfella, hadn’t a clue

Finally, there was a knock on the door, on the night of July third.


“Go upstairs, you’re not needed here”

“ Have you washed yourselves? This is the princess you're about to meet”

Cinderfella, he walked up the stairs, all the while stifling his tears

The father straightened his coat and opened the door, for this was the princess he was going to greet


Bella, full of elegance and grace, entered the house, hoping this was the end 

The first brother tried on the shoe, but his foot was to big, it wasn't the right fit

By this point, Cinderfella, begins to ascend

" It is my shoe brother, you silly old twit" 


The second brother, though his foot is too small, there was way too much room

" Well you're done here then, we've all tried the shoe"

Cinderfella makes his way down the stairs holding a broom 

" I'm still here, that is simply not true" 


The brothers laugh at cinderfella, such a pathetic sight

Though the shoe looks to be the right size, his stepfather can not believe his eyes

" Oh no, that cant be right" 

Cinderfella slips on the shoe, and laces the ties


The shoe is a fit, Bella can't belive it, at last her search is done

" You must come live with me, your life will be a breeze!'

Cinderfella finally beat his brothers, he had won

" A life in a palace with me! a life of great ease!" 


They ran off together with great haste

To begin their new life together, in a great place

The first few months were great

Full of many a loving embrace


Though now cinderfella and Bella have come to a crossroad

Their love and affection having slowed

So filled with sadness and remorse

The two decide to end it with a tragic divorce


But fear not for our young lad 

He is now a wonderful dad

"How?" you may ask, with disbelief in your voice just a tad

Well, Cinderfella is now married to Bella's guard whose name was Chad!






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