One Big Grump

Finally I come home from work

With my 6 obnoxious companions

But what is this I see?

My bed is made

My home is clean

Oh goodness, we've been robbed

What a wonderful way to be greeted

Although, a rather odd intruder

Why clean our mess?

No matter

Now I can go to sleep

What is this awful noise?

I guess I must stay awake

There is a woman in our home

How vile

With her snow white skin

And jet black hair

At least she tidied our home

Now she must leave

Her terrible singing cannot stay

I will never rest

With this deceitful stranger

Although she may be of use

As I have done no chores

Maybe she shall stay

And take care of us

But I do not trust her

For women are dishonest

But until she is despicable

She may remain 


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