Fairy Tale Fail

Fairy Tale Fail


The world isn’t quite like a fairy tale, you see, in a fairy tale everything is magical. And we love the romanticism of the story. But it’s always just a story. Real life, is a fairy tale fail.


For instance, everyone always talks about the one that got away.


How come no one ever mentions the one that’s still here?


The one who’s still sitting there reminiscing on what went wrong. Reminiscing about you. Wondering why it ended and what they could’ve done to prevent it.


The virgin beauty who heard her prince come through the door but he gives up on her before the one true kiss.


The good prince who slayed evil queens and dragons to find his sleeping beauty… sleeping around.


All the daft little princesses saved by the same prince charming. A strong white horse, his hair and teeth glistening effortlessly in the sun, so charming he’s stolen the heart of every fair maiden. Every fair maiden. Same lines, same smile, same perfect wink, he’s perfect. His only flaw, is that he knows his perfection and has no fear to flaunt.


And when every princess drops her panties for her the same prince, there’s nothing charming about that.


The tale about the frog prince isn’t quite accurate. In fact, it was the prince that was the frog, not the other way around. One sweet, sweaty night and the princesses saw the slimey lowlife they had just fallen for.


So the good prince and the fair beauty left to cry in the dust, thinking about the ones who had fallen for lust.


Unfortunately, the angels and saints don’t get attention. But simply because the sinners always have more fun.


It makes some people wonder. What stops the good from turning bad? What stops the world from going mad? The true miracle, the true beauty, is in those who can bear the evil, and stay true to themselves.


So, why can’t the angels unite? Cupid must have given his bow to the devil because only the sinners seem to find love. Where are cupids arrows? Why do the good suffer while the bad bang in the bedroom?


So good luck to me good luck to you because life isn’t a fairy tale, but a fairy tale fail.


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