Poor Unfortunate Souls

Her poor unfortunate soul 

In pain, indeed. 

Severed from her wife 

Forever cursed to live a life 

Serving those who might need 


Another poor unfortunate soul - 

Her voice so young. 

One of Triton's witches, 

Voice a constant change of pitches 

Crying for her young love. 


Oh, her poor unfortunate soul 

Life's hard, it's true. 

When daddy can provide 

Anything under the tides, 

Life's rough, yes indeed. 


Well child, 

Let me tell you 

The last time I met your father. 

Not a pretty scene, not at all. 

Though remembering her life keeps getting harder 

I can't seem to forget the scrawl 

Of that trident through the air 

He didn't seem to care! 

Which killed my Elise 

Her voice now a piece 

Of his spoils. 


So, my poor unfortunate soul 

I'll make a deal. 

Give me your young voice  

And you can have the choice 

To fall in love for real. 


Maybe then - 

Her poor unfortunate soul 

Can rest in peace. 

I can finally obtain 

Wicked Triton's vicious reign 

And justice – for Elise.



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